Essential Tools – Part 2

Okies, carrying on with the series we will look into expanding on the Essential tools – part 1: StExBar (Freeware / Open source) StExBar is a plug-in for the Windows Explorer, which adds much needed functionality to the explorer / folder view. It provides many useful commands for your everyday use of Windows explorer. And you can add as many custom commands on your own as you like. From the product site : Have you ever needed to open a console window while you were using the explorer?

Essential tools – Part 1

Our day to day life becomes a lot easier when we make use of the proper tools to help us complete the task at hand. I am planing to post in about few tools which forms an essential part of my tool chain, most are free tools but sometimes there do come in gems which makes you to take out your credit card. Below are the ones for today: Piriform CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) (Freeware)  CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool.

Dell Optiplex 755 – The Boot CD problem

It was quite hard to get the system to get into installation mode through the windows install CD or when trying to boot from one of the PE based boot CD’s (BartPE, Ultimate Boot CD) on Dell Optiplex 755. The main culprit was the SATA harddisk and DVD drive, since the drivers for these models are not available (even after making a BartPE from the already existing Windows Installation). The best method to overcome the problem was change the Drive Operation settings in the BIOS to “legacy” mode, so that they show up as normal IDE drives.

Digging Bookmarks : Understand why your computer restarted unexpectedly

Update on 25 Feb 2020 The original link was broken (thanks Microsoft), you can read the archived content at A lot of information would have lost to the void if it were not for, please consider a donation. Well, its the time of the year that I decide to actually look into all the bookmarks I make on the go when I cannot read a page in detail due to time constraints.

More than the company, it’s the person

It’s been more than 5 years since I got my first pay check, I just took the time to think though the experience I have gone through, the people I have met and the totally unexpected twists that have popped in my life over this past years. To the most part it has been very useful and interesting journey, if not anything just for the amount of knowledge that has been acquired is still worth it.

There Is No Indispensable Man

I came across this poem somewhere online and it was quite clean and simple in its message. I liked it and so posting it for future reference: “There Is No Indispensable Man“ by Saxon N. White Kessinger, Copyright 1959 Sometime when you’re feeling important; Sometime when your ego’s in bloom Sometime when you take it for granted You’re the best qualified in the room, Sometime when you feel that your going

Halloween Scare : Read your own code written 5 years back

Here’s an excellent bit of halloween advice from Mike Gunderloy: go read some source code you wrote five years ago for a real scare.  Couldn’t agree more