Exchange OWA Single Sign On

Had my 2 hours locked on this one issue and wanted to note it down for future / others reference. Back at work we are currently planning to roll out Exchange 2010 and part of the migration includes branding of the web login page of the Exchange (OWA). Started off with replicating all the form fields set as hidden input types and did a post to /owa/auth/owaauth.dll. This worked fine for logging users who had mailboxes in Exchange 2010, but when a user whose mailbox were still residing on the legacy (Exchange 2007) system tried logging in it simply redirected the user to legacy OWA’s login screen.

Opening “Computer” or drive list screen by default in Windows 7

If you are looking for making Windows 7 open the list of drives screens (“Computer” or “My Computer”) change the shortcut command to %windir%\explorer.exe /e,::{20d04fe0-3aea-1069-a2d8-08002b30309d}

Taming the Google Search and IE search provider

I really hate Google search service on one issue, the main search page by default chooses the language of the country of request origin. If Google had to proactively guess the language of my choice, they would have better used the “Language Preference” that I have set in the browser, but instead they blindly stuff everybody up with the language of the country of the requests origin. For this reason I have set my home page to https://www.

DVCS it is!

After CodePlex announced that they are supporting Mercurial, I have been seeing a lot about it on the net. In the following months I am slowly planning to switch over to Mercurial from my existing system. Below are few links that I found useful in understanding and evaluating Mercurial: Fog Creek has released a source control system named Kiln based on Mercurial, and Joel Spolsky has posted a very nice tutorial / introduction to Mercurial.

Digging into old components through MSIL

Yesterday and today I had to deal with an old component who’s source code has already been ported from .net framework v1.1 to v3.5 (most of them rewritten from scratch). This based component was working fine till sometime last week and then suddenly started throwing up exceptions. Due to some legacy dependencies the web app had to be run in v1.1 and I do not have VS2003 with me.

Auto-starting MS OneNote in minimized mode

This Microsoft help page is of no use – Command-line switches in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 – OneNote – Microsoft Office Online Instead use: "%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Office\Office12\ONENOTEM.EXE" /tsr Have a nice day!

Google public DNS servers

This is nice! When you are trying to increasing every possible way of speeding up your browsing speed, DNS servers are also a vital area to focus. I have so far used OpenDNS, but there had been few privacy concerns with them. Now with Google providing public DNS service I hope its going to be all good. Make use of Google’s public DNS by setting primary / secondary DNS server IP’s to: