Dapper – Micro ORM for Oracle and Microsoft .NET

I have been on the hunt for an easier ORM tool to help with my day-to-day work. Till now the ones I have tested have fallen short of fulling one of criteria: Should work with Oracle Should support multiple REFCURSOR output parameters from Oracle Stored Procedures and OracleDbType’s We use stored procedures exclusively for our CURD operations, so this is the determining requirement and I do not like compromising having an abstract layer which does not support OracleDbType’s just because it has to work with other DB’s

Map your SkyDrive to a drive on your PC

Reference: http://www.howtogeek.com/56096/how-to-use-skydrives-25-gb-as-a-mapped-drive-for-easy-access/ — On Windows 7 you can store the online credentials in your windows account so you don’t have to login every time you visit the online drive Go to Control Panel –> User Accounts –> User Accounts –> Link online IDs Choose to “Link online ID” using the WindowsLiveID provider Provide your login credentials for the Windows Live ID —- Visit http://skydrive.live.com Navigate to one of the sub-folder and note down the “cid” parameter in the query string

Installing Chirpy for VS2011

Chirpy is great, it combine, minifies and validates our JavaScript, stylesheet and dotless files. It also auto-updates T4 and T4MVC templates. One problem though is getting to install chirpy didn’t work out smoothly with the Nuget install command. The below was the steps taken for a successful installation: First get Chocolatey by using the following command from your command prompt 1 @powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command "iex ((new-object net.

Dotnet developers reference to Xcode, iOS, iPhone development

Been working on an iPhone app for our organization, and being a full-time DotNet based developer working on Xcode and iOS development had its quirks. I am documenting my experience on the first few runs so that others can benefit on the same. Adding existing project to a local GIT repository Terminal to the folder where the root of the project is and give the following commands 1 2 3 git init git add .

Notable freeware lists

Some of the best freeware lists for your needs: Gizmos freeware reviews: Provides useful comparison of various freeware tools sorted by reviewers rating. MakeUseOf – Windows, Linux, Mac: Another great collection of useful software (not necessarily freeware). Do check out their site for other categories like Android, iPhone, iPhone and such Addictivetips: A great blog with information related to useful software and tweaks.

Email validation using regex

I believe using regular expression is a very bad idea for validating an email address. The main issue seems to stem from the fact that regex is primitive tool to validate the complexity in email grammar, as specified in RFC 5322. Recently I tried registering for an account at the RTA mobile site at http://www.mpark.rta.ae, all went fine except for the fact that my valid email account which I have been using since 2006 is not recognized as a valid one.


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