More than the company, it’s the person

It’s been more than 5 years since I got my first pay check, I just took the time to think though the experience I have gone through, the people I have met and the totally unexpected twists that have popped in my life over this past years. To the most part it has been very useful and interesting journey, if not anything just for the amount of knowledge that has been acquired is still worth it.

There Is No Indispensable Man

I came across this poem somewhere online and it was quite clean and simple in its message. I liked it and so posting it for future reference: “There Is No Indispensable Man“ by Saxon N. White Kessinger, Copyright 1959 Sometime when you’re feeling important; Sometime when your ego’s in bloom Sometime when you take it for granted You’re the best qualified in the room, Sometime when you feel that your going

Halloween Scare : Read your own code written 5 years back

Here’s an excellent bit of halloween advice from Mike Gunderloy: go read some source code you wrote five years ago for a real scare.  Couldn’t agree more

Outlook – Unknown Error 0×80040201 when sending emails

With sync with the long tradition of Microsoft, Outlook has a very annoying bug which is not fixed as of Outlook 2007 (Technical Refresh). The bug produces the error mentioned in the title of this post whenever you try sending a email with the address which was retrieved from exchange address book. To re-produce the error: Create an exchange based email account Try sending to few people on the exchange address list

Tiny Tips 4 : Adding Users in Bulk for Windows XP

Recently I came across a requirement where it was needed to create user accounts in bulk from a CSV file. Initially I thought there should be a ready made option present for doing this from command line and was happy to locate a KB article about AddUsers.exe, but it seems that the AddUsers.exe file is only available for Windows NT server and Windows 2000 Server operating systems. A bit more digging into the available commands in Windows XP brought up net user, though this is not a utility for creating user accounts in bulk it provides an option to create user accounts quickly.

Tiny Tips 3 – Email Mungling

Protecting your email from SPAM sources is on the “important things that needs to be taken care of” list when we come up with websites. Normally, when we make our email available through website in plain text the email harvesting bots from SPAM source are able to retrieve them for spamming purposes. But taking of the plain email links will lead to other complications like deploying a flash based movie with emails which will cause troubles for users without flash plug-in and so on.

Checking out Ruby on Visual Studio .NET

Warning: When installing Ruby using “One-Click Ruby Installer”, it replaces your path with “c:rubybin”, if you don’t take a back up of your path variable before install then you will be in for a nasty surprise (Yea, I had that) Since Ruby was making a lot of sound on the blogosphere (both favourable and unfavourable), I thought of checking it out. Till now my concentration was mainly on C++ and Dot-Net along with getting started on MPI-CH framework, so I was looking into the availability of development tools along with a good IDE and learning materials for and was pleasantly surprised at the high quantity.