Checking out Ruby on Visual Studio .NET

Warning: When installing Ruby using “One-Click Ruby Installer”, it replaces your path with “c:rubybin”, if you don’t take a back up of your path variable before install then you will be in for a nasty surprise (Yea, I had that)

Since Ruby was making a lot of sound on the blogosphere (both favourable and unfavourable), I thought of checking it out. Till now my concentration was mainly on C++ and Dot-Net along with getting started on MPI-CH framework, so I was looking into the availability of development tools along with a good IDE and learning materials for  and was pleasantly surprised at the high quantity. For starters, you can get Ruby at which comes with the standard parser, two free IDE’s, RubyGems (packaging utility) and documentation. Even though there is a free IDE present in the package, I find the idea of integrating the Ruby development in Visual Studio would be a better idea and Ruby in Steel does just that. Since I already have VertigoServ installed (a windows AMP package), I did not consider using the Instant Rails.

After playing with ruby, check out Erik Veenstra‘s Distributing Rails Applications, A Tutorial to know about a way to distribute your ruby applications as an single EXE file (exe on windows, it can also create single execute files for other platforms as well).

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