Digging Bookmarks : Understand why your computer restarted unexpectedly

Update on

The original link http://blogs.msdn.com/junfeng/archive/2007/03/23/understand-why-your-computer-restarted-unexpected.aspx was broken (thanks Microsoft), you can read the archived content at archive.org.

A lot of information would have lost to the void if it were not for archive.org, please consider a donation.

Well, its the time of the year that I decide to actually look into all the bookmarks I make on the go when I cannot read a page in detail due to time constraints. When going through the Geek Stuff section (one of the umpteen such categories, man! this is gonna take some time to go through completely) I came across

Junfeng Zhang’s Windows Programming Notes : Understand why your computer restarted unexpectedly. It is quite a quick start article into debugging and getting dirty with the memory dump of your crashed system. Quite interesting.

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