Laravel Mix and Path Settings

A quick refernece for myself, when setting up new core spa and VueJS based project along with laravel mix the following setting helps in translating the path resolution correctly: mix.setResourceRoot('/dist/') .setPublicPath(path.normalize('wwwroot/dist')); so a typical laravel-mix webpack.mix.js file for core and vue js project (especially with admin-lte) would look like: mix.js('client-src/main.js','') .extract([ 'vue', 'vue-router', 'vuex', 'chart.js', 'admin-lte', 'bootstrap', 'jquery', ]) .autoload({ jquery: ['$','jQuery', 'window.jQuery'] }) .sass('client-src/assets/vendor.scss','') .sass('client-src/assets/main.scss','') .setResourceRoot('/dist/') . [Read More]