Migrating MS-SQL 2008 to 2012

Pre-migration Update the new servers to have the latest updates for both OS and MS-SQL Setup Windows Failsafe cluster Setup Always-On availability group, replicas and listener Setup shared folder for storing backups from the old database servers Setup shared folder for storing backup/synchronization data for the new database servers Create a copy of the stored procedures used by jobs, and update them to work with availability group Script the SQL server logins If you want to change the databases to read-only mode, remove existing mirroring functionality for the databases Migration Put up App_Offline. [Read More]

US Zip/City/County/State spatial data all ready for your SQL Server 2008… Just download, SQLCMD/import and go

This is so cool, if we could get a similar data made available for GCC my life would be so easier 😀 [via] Geeks are Sexy CodePlex – US Census Data for SQL Server 2008 “Project Description This is a repository for US Census Data for SQL Server 2008 with spatial information. Some of the data that is and will be included will be for states, counties, cities, and zip codes. [Read More]