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When there is a need to host your own NuGet repository for a walled network without internet access, it is quite painful to download a package along with its dependencies. This is true especially for packages which has multiple levels of dependencies. NuFetch downloader helps in downloading packages along with its dependencies, so that you can relax and copy the package target folder and get your local NuGet ready.

To start off, its easy to get the desired package using the following command:

NuFetch -p Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc

This in-turn downloads the following packages:

  1. Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc
  2. Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages
  3. Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure
  4. Microsoft.AspNet.Razor

The full usage is as follows:

NuFetch -p <packageid> [-s <sourceserver>] [-v <packageversion>] [-t <targetfolder>] [-o] [-i]

  -s, --source             (Default: NuGet repository source server URL

  -p, --pid                Required. Package Id to download

  -v, --version            (Default: ) Package Version to download; do not mention this parameter to donwload the latest version

  --depVerType             (Default: Min) Dependency version to download (Min or Max version)

  -t, --targetFolder       (Default: Packages) Target folder path to download the packages

  -o, --overwrite          (Default: False) Flag to overwrite existing file matching a package version

  -i, --includePrelease    (Default: False) Flag denoting if the downloader should include prerelease when searching for package

  -a, --allowUnlisted      (Default: False) Flag denoting if the downloader should search for package in unlisted packages

  --help                   Display this help screen.

Source control:

Latest Release: v0.1.5725.818

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