Visual Studio Code Settings

User Setings

Below are few user preferences I use that defer from the default

  // Controls the font family.
  "editor.fontFamily": "Fira Code Light, Consolas, monospace",
  // Enables font ligatures
  "editor.fontLigatures": true,
  // The number of spaces a tab is equal to. This setting is overriden based on the file contents when `editor.detectIndentation` is on.
  "editor.tabSize": 2,
  // Controls how lines should wrap. Can be:
  //  - 'off' (disable wrapping),
  //  - 'on' (viewport wrapping),
  //  - 'wordWrapColumn' (wrap at `editor.wordWrapColumn`) or
  //  - 'bounded' (wrap at minimum of viewport and `editor.wordWrapColumn`).
  "editor.wordWrap": "on",
  // Controls whether the editor should detect links and make them clickable
  "editor.links": false,
  // Controls the cursor style, accepted values are 'block', 'block-outline', 'line', 'line-thin', 'underline' and 'underline-thin'
  "editor.cursorStyle": "line-thin",
  // Control the cursor animation style, possible values are 'blink', 'smooth', 'phase', 'expand' and 'solid'
  "editor.cursorBlinking": "solid",
  // Controls whether the editor should render control characters
  "editor.renderControlCharacters": true,
  // Controls if the minimap is shown
  "editor.minimap.enabled": false,
  // Controls whether the fold controls on the gutter are automatically hidden.
  "editor.showFoldingControls": "always",
  // Controls how the editor should render whitespace characters, possibilities are 'none', 'boundary', and 'all'. The 'boundary' option does not render single spaces between words.
  "editor.renderWhitespace": "boundary",
  // Controls the position of the editor's tabs close buttons or disables them when set to 'off'.
  "workbench.editor.tabCloseButton": "off",
  // Controls where editors open. Select 'left' or 'right' to open editors to the left or right of the currently active one. Select 'first' or 'last' to open editors independently from the currently active one.
  "workbench.editor.openPositioning": "last",
  // Controls which editor is shown at startup, if none is restored from the previous session. Select 'none' to start without an editor, 'welcomePage' to open the Welcome page (default), 'newUntitledFile' to open a new untitled file (only opening an empty workspace).
  "workbench.startupEditor": "none",

  // Confirm before synchronizing git repositories
  "git.confirmSync": false,
  // Commit all changes when there are no staged changes.
  "git.enableSmartCommit": true,

  // Enable Emmet abbreviations in languages that are not supported by default. Add a mapping here between the language and emmet supported language.
  //  Eg: {"vue-html": "html", "javascript": "javascriptreact"}
  "emmet.includeLanguages":  {
    "vue-html": "html",
    "razor": "html"
  // Wrap attributes.
  "html.format.wrapAttributes": "force-aligned",
  // Enable/disable implementations CodeLens. Requires TypeScript >= 2.2.0.
  "typescript.implementationsCodeLens.enabled": true,
  // Enable usage data and errors to be sent to Microsoft.
  "telemetry.enableTelemetry": false,

  // Enable crash reports to be sent to Microsoft.
  // This option requires restart to take effect.
  "telemetry.enableCrashReporter": false,
  // Link file types to the beautifier type
  "beautify.language": {
    "js": {
      "type": [
      "filename": [
    "css": [
    "html": [
  // Default formatter for <template> region
  // need beautify extension
  "vetur.format.defaultFormatter.html": "js-beautify-html"
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