Evolution of Visual Studio, a lot to love about!

A pleasant thing I noticed in the last few years regarding Visual Studio is it’s attitude towards supporting various open source languages and platforms.

You would have felt the same if you were looking to improve your IDE experience when trying to work on projects not based on the Microsoft .NET family. It may have been PHP or Python (with Django) or the D Language. It is quite nice to have the option to use a single IDE which you are familiar with to work on various language and platforms.

For anyone interested, below is my toolset/plugin setup for supporting the above mentioned language and platforms:

  1. PHP – [Free]: PHP Language Support / [Commercial]:PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2013
  2. Python – [Free]:Python Tools for Visual Studio / Project Page on CodePlex / Great intro by Hanselman
  3. D Language – [Free] Visual D / Project page on GitHub

To add to the good news, Visual Studio also supports Git for source control. Oh! and now we have Visual Studio Online Basic where you can have upto 5 users for Free with unlimited team projects (can be private too) which allows you to host your repo either based on TFS or Git! As an alternative you can also sign up and use BitBucket who are just cool with allowing free private repos and supporting custom domain names for accessing your repos.

What a good time to be in development, I am loving it! 👍

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