An easier way to exporting your Google Reader feed (OPML) when Google Takeout is not helping

Tried exporting my links through Google Takeout, but was stuck with the following screen for a long time

Google Takeout being very helpful for exporting Reader feeds

Google Takeout being very helpful for exporting Reader feeds

How many ever times I refreshed or reloaded the page I was always treated to the same detail of showing that I had 0 files / 0 bytes in my Google Reader, and the percentage always stayed at 0%. Pressing the “Create Archive&” also just produced the following empty progress:

Google Takeout Create Archive

The Takeout did not provide any other option, so did some searching and came across this thread in which Matti had given the following links which saved my day!

For exporting your feed as OPML forget Takeout and visit and save yourself some trouble.

For exporting your starred items visit: when you are using any other browser than Opera, otherwise use

By the way, I think I am starting to like NetVibes, but bit skeptical about using another free service. So, I am kind of evaluating that and also NewsBlur. I was OK with Feedly till it went belly up (I presume due to all the new load) for a long time today.

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