PS4 Annouced


After viewing the fiasco by Microsoft at E3, I am moving towards the PS4 camp. I am especially very critical about arcane DRM, regional restrictions and phone home feature along with the restriction in unplugging the Kinect. So, yea now I am more or less finalized on buying PS4.

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even this isn’t very exciting. I feel the struggle to come up with a new controller interface by all console makers after MS’s Kinect, but failing to be make anything impressive.

Anyways after watching the video my final reaction was … meh!

When viewing the related videos, I also came across the game-play walk-through for the upcoming game Watch Dogs

hold on a sec; this guy just hacked into an ATM, stole money which did not belong to him, then almost killed a guy who was potentially going to commit a crime and disabled 2 cop cars and possibly caused some fatal injuries to them then arguably damaged a metro to escape from cops and this all makes sense to make me attached to the game?

well, maybe today I am not in an appreciative mood, but … meh!

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