Dotnet developers reference to Xcode, iOS, iPhone development

Been working on an iPhone app for our organization, and being a full-time DotNet based developer working on Xcode and iOS development had its quirks. I am documenting my experience on the first few runs so that others can benefit on the same.

Adding existing project to a local GIT repository

Terminal to the folder where the root of the project is and give the following commands

git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial Commit"

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Setting conditional breakpoints in Xcode

Add a normal breakpoint and then Ctrl+Click on the breakpoint and select Edit Breakpoint. Here you can give the condition under which the breakpoint activates.

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Stepping through code

Once you have hit the breakpoint, to step through the code find the controllers in the debug area (normally next to the output window). This area would have the buttons for Continue,Step over,Step into, Step out.

Remove all breakpoints in Xcode

Well there’s a two-step way:

  1. Press CMD(⌘)+ALT+B to show all breakpoints. UPDATE:In Xcode4 pres CMD(⌘)+6
  2. Select all breakpoints and delete them, like deleting text, with backspace.

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Planning to update this post as I keep discovering new ways of doing old things, do keep checking back.

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